Haack Shack was built on the backs of two thirty-somethings that needed a creative outlet; the first one, the dude who wears nothing but t-shirts and flannels (even before that was trendy), and the second, the chic who loves the dude wearing the t-shirts and flannels (even before that was trendy).

One afternoon the dude and the chic were enjoying a wine tasting (side note: we don’t know much about wine, but we like drinking it so we joined a club) they decided this “thing” they had been talking about, one of them had been talking about it for quite some time, was going to become a reality. They came up with a very loose business plan and by that I mean the dude said “let's buy some t-shirts and print stuff on ‘em!” and the chic replied “sounds great!” Alas, Haack Shack was born.

Since then Haack Shack continues to deliver cute, comfy, everyday apparel. New designs are popping up all the time so come visit the Shack often!

And if you’re wondering who came up with the name Haack Shack, depending who you ask you may get a slightly different answer, but since I was given the task of drafting this informative and witty excerpt representing “us” I will tell you it was ME!